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Connect the Disconnect was created through a grant from the First Nations Development Institute. This events promotes the concept of Culture is Prevention by connecting youth to traditional activities to promote protective factors. Youth will participate in Mvskoke Language Jeopardy, beading, basket making, blow darts, and stickball while identifying their personal strengths and connecting to resources.  

Culture is Prevention

The Mvskoke Nation Youth Services focuses on culture as a method of prevention.  When young people are connected to their culture, they are more resilient and better able to deal with the challenges they face.  By providing opportunities for youth to connect with their culture, their protective factors increase.  Contact MNYS for more information and costs.  

Connect the Disconnect
Mvskoke Youth Cultural Arts Mentorship
The Mvskoke Youth Cultural Arts Mentorship is a an opportunity Mvskoke Youth to increase their skills and knowledge, document the learning process, be featured in a showcase and provide presentations for youth.   

This project is funded by the First Nations Development Institute.

To access the MYCAM curriculum click here.

To view the Mentee Presentations click here.
Mvskoke Youth Wellness Days
Mvskoke Youth Wellness Days were created through a grant provided by the Nike N7 fund. The goal of the Mvskoke Youth Wellness Days is to increase physical activity by connecting youth to traditional physical activities.
Semvyetv Ahake - Logo.png
Semvyetv Ahake (Cultural Expressions)
Semvyetv Ahake is a week long day camp designed to help youth express the Mvskoke culture through art. Youth will have the opportunity create traditional Mvskoke clothing, make moccasins, stomp dance cans, do beading, and learn about traditional foods and practice using the Mvskoke language.
BEADing the Stigma
BEADing the Stigma is an opportunity for youth, ages 12-24, to connect with culture, gain self-care strategies, and learn the importance of talking about mental health and seeking support.
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