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Mvskoke Youth Awards

In 2016, the Mvskoke Nation Youth Services (MNYS) created two awards modeled after the Center for Native American Youth's Champion for Change Awards.  The Mvnettvlke Onaya (Youth Visionary) award recognizes Mvskoke Youth ages 12-24 making an impact and inspiring their community. In addition to recognizing youth champions, MNYS also created the Vculvlke Mvnettvlke Emvnicv which means “old who helps the young”.  This award recognizes adults ages 25 and older who work to improve the lives of Mvskoke youth.  In 2019, MNYS expanded the awards to include a youth and adult for each MNYS program goals:  Foster Advocacy, Create Support, Provide Resources, Promote Civic Duty, Encourage Wellness.

2022 Award Winners

Previous Year Recipients


*Some recipients aren't pictured

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