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Other Services

Life Skill Workshops

MNYS staff develop and implement life skills workshops with and for youth. Topics include but are not limited to: education planning, employment skills, communication, interpersonal skills, and physical and mental health and wellness.

Service Learning

MNYS staff assist youth in developing and hosting service learning projects and events. Through service, young people have an opportunity to connect with their peers and elders for mentoring and to increase their personal support system. These youth also learn valuable life skills for their successful transition to adulthood.

Wellness Assessment & Planning

MNYS staff assists youth ages 12-24 in developing personal wellness plans. Youth determine their overall wellness by completing a self assessment in the areas of physical, spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and occupational. Through planning, youth are connected with resources and permanent connections to support their plan.

If you are interested in any of the services listed below, please fill out the service request form
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Parenting Classes

MNYS staff host parenting classes using the Nurturing Parenting curriculum. The classes are geared towards parents of young children till about 11 yrs old. The classes cover a vast amount of topics in which participants will receive a certificate for completing.

To register for parenting classes that are currently being offered, visit our Event Registration page.

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Community Food Pantry

MNYS staff and Youth Council members host two food pantries for the Native Housing in Okmulgee for citizens to have non-perishable food items in times of hardship, crisis, and need. 

To donate items virtually for the Community Food Pantry, visit our Amazon Wish List

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