Thinking about joining the Mvskoke Nation Youth Council? You've made a great choice! There are two steps to becoming a member:


1. Complete the application. 

2. Attend a regular meeting. (2nd Saturday of every month; location subject to change, follow us on Facebook for updates)

There are some rights and duties to becoming a member as well and you can check those out below.  You can also view all of the by-laws of the Mvskoke Nation Youth Council here.


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ARTICLE 4 of the Mvskoke Nation Youth Council By-Laws: Membership


Section 1. General Membership
The group shall have one class of youth members consisting of the following:
● Must be an enrolled citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, and
● Must be between the ages of 12 and 24 years of age, and
● Must complete the application process, and
● Must attend 1 meeting prior to becoming a member.
● Will not be allowed to vote until the member has attend four (4) meetings.


Section 2. Active Membership
A. Must be actively working on their identified personal goals.
B. Must attend Regular Meetings
C. Members will be considered as inactive if the member has not attended (3) consecutive unexcused regular meetings or subcommittee meetings. Unexcused absences are defined as no call no show or failure to contact an officer or adult advisor within 48 hours prior to an absence.


Section 3. Inactive Membership
A. During a regular meeting, an inactive Member can speak to the MNYC or

     provide a page long essay read by an Executive Committee member.
B. The statement or essay should explain why they would like to rejoin.
C. Once a member become inactive, they will be placed on the probation    

    list for a one calendar year or until they return, whichever comes first.
D. If an individual remains on the Probation list for one (1) year, they will be

    removed from the MNYC.
E. If an inactive member wishes to become active again they must:
    a. Attend three (3) consecutive Regular Meetings
    b. Upon completion of the item a. the individual will be restored as
        an active member.


Section 4. Rights of Membership
Each active member shall have the following rights:
A. The right to cast 1 vote (after attending 3 meetings) on any matter  

     submitted to a vote of the membership.
B. The right to serve on subcommittees.
C. The right to request items be added to the agenda for discussion and


Section 5. Duties of Members
A. Show respect for other members by being on time and bringing necessary
     materials to meetings.
B. Accept responsibility of sharing in the business at hand when a meeting
C. Understand that participation is essential.
D. Try to get other members to express their ideas for the benefit of all, even      if it means less time for presenting personal ideas.
E. Give constant, active attention to the group’s activity during the meeting.
F. Know the purpose of the meeting and help keep the ideas on track to get
   things done.
G. Earn the right to give constructive criticism freely by accepting it.
H. Check on assigned responsibilities and receive guidance and authority to
    carry them out.
I. Accept the responsibility of youth council membership by actively
    participating in all organized meetings, committees and activities.
J. Not being on phone



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